Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Parallel session 16 4:20 PM > 6:00 PM Monitoring Salle 105-106

4:20 PM 96 Multi-Parametric Devices with Innovative Solid Electrodes for Long-Term Monitoring of pH and Redox-Potential of the actual pore water of COx formation in a future Nuclear Waste Repository > S. Stéphanie BETELU 4:40 PM 97 Obtaining local pore pressure measurement during shearing using micro-fiber optic pore pressure sensors > K. Kevin WALLIN 5:00 PM 98 Monitoring the rock mass response to processes in a vertical sandwich sealing system > J. Jürgen HESSER 5:20 PM 99 High-resolution characterization of the induced fracture network around galleries in the Callovo-Oxfordian Clay using Pneumatic Tomography > R. Ralf BRAUCHLER 5:40 PM 100 Monitoring progress and assessment at the HADES URL for 40 years – Lessons learnt for the long-term monitoring programme > J. Jan VERSTRICHT

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