Radionuclide retention/sorption

Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Parallel session 13 2:30 PM > 3:50 PM Radionuclide retention/sorption Auditorium 300

2:30 PM 84 Dividing radionuclides in phenomenological groups - A proposed methodology to describe and quantify radionuclide transport behaviour in Boom Clay in a consistent way > N. Norbert MAES 2:50 PM 85 Retention of redox-sensitive Tc(VII) and Se(IV) on Fe(II)/Fe(III) bearing clay minerals₃ > Y. Yanting QIAN 3:10 PM 86 Redox-active iron in different types of clay minerals – electrochemical characterization and reactivity towards Se(IV) > A. Alwina HOVING 3:30 PM 87 Reactivity of selenium oxyanions with Opalinus Clay and stainless steel: effect of nitrate > N. Nele BLEYEN

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