Geological setting, siting and 3D models

Tuesday, June 14, 2022
Parallel session 8 2:30 PM > 3:50 PM Geological setting, siting and 3D models Salle 105-106

2:30 PM 61 Geometry of the Callovo-Oxfordian formation and siting of the Cigeo underground disposal facility > B. Béatrice Yven 2:50 PM 62 Geological aspects of Nagra´s deep exploratory drilling campaign in Northern Switzerland (2019 to 2022) > H. Herwig R. MÜLLER 3:10 PM 63 A 3D numerical geology of underground drift excavation applied to restricted environment > S. Sylvain MINICI 3:30 PM 64 Model-based assessment of repository induced effects in the vicinity of repositories for SF/HLW and L/ILW: workflow development > A. Alexandros PAPAFOTIOU

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