Clay Host Rock - part 1

Monday, June 13, 2022
Parallel session 6 4:20 PM > 6:00 PM Clay Host Rock - part 1 Auditorium 850

4:20 PM 52 Influences of loading path and temperature on mechanical behavior of COx claystone > J. Jianfu SHAO 4:40 PM 53 Heterogeneities in Opalinus Clay and their impact on coupled HM effects: Multi-disciplinary investigation approaches in the context of the CD-A experiment in Mont Terri > G. Gesa ZIEFLE 5:00 PM 54 From small-scale and large-scale in situ thermo-hydro-mechanical experiments to the modelling of a geological disposal facility in the Boom Clay Formation > X-L. Xiang-Ling LI 5:20 PM 55 Investigation of local strains and cracking processes in a clay rock by X-ray microtomography and digital volume correlation > H. Hailing SHI 5:40 PM 56 Water absorption mechanisms in Callovo-Oxfordian Clayrock quantified with x-ray and neutron tomography > E. Eleni STAVROPOULOU

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