Water flow properties

Monday, June 13, 2022
Parallel session 5 4:20 PM > 6:00 PM Water flow properties Auditorium 300

4:20 PM 47 Wettability of clay surfaces and its implication on the status of water in unsaturated porous media > L. Loïc GUERIN 4:40 PM 48 A Mesoscale Coarse-Grained Model of Dry and Hydrated Montmorillonite > Y. Yaoting ZHANG 5:00 PM 49 30th Clay Club – Pore water content, pore structure and water mobility in clays and shales using NMR methods > M. Marc FLEURY 5:20 PM 50 Water permeability measurements by steady and transient flow methods on the COx claystone and impact on its mechanical properties > D. Dragan GRGIC 5:40 PM 51 X-ray micro-computed tomography (µCT) insight into the air-water distribution in argillaceous rocks > K. Kui LIU

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