Poster session + POCES demonstration

Monday, June 13, 2022
Poster session
Poster 1 1:30 PM > 2:30 PM Poster session + POCES demonstration Hall 1

102 Experimental study of thermo-hydro-geochemical evolution of compacted bentonite: geochemical characterization and numerical modelling > E. Emilie COENE 108 Hydro-chemo-mechanical modelling of bentonite sealing components > A. Andrés IDIART 109 On the water retention properties of Na- and Ca-bentonites > K-P. Klaus-Peter KRÖHN 11 Self-sealing performance of fractures in indurated claystones measured by water and gas flow > C-L. Chun-Liang ZHANG 111 Effects of sand-based gap filling on buffer-material erosion > A. Akihiro MATSUMOTO 112 Study of critical density to prohibit microbially influenced corrosion in various domestic bentonites in Japan > T. Takahiro GOTO 115 Porewater chemistry of Opalinus Clay revisited: findings from 25 years of data collection at the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory > P. Paul WERSIN 12 Diffusion of dissolved gases: from lab scale to in situ scale > E. Elke JACOPS 120 Modelling coupled HM processes in bentonite: Development and first tests of a double structure-based swelling model > V. Vinay KUMAR 121 A local second gradient dilatation model for claystone behaviour: application to modelling of EDZ > M. Maxime GANTIER 122 Implementing natural analogue information in Posiva's safety case – methodology and case-specific review > H. Heini REIJONEN 126 Modelling of the Full-scale Emplacement (FE) Experiment at Mont Terri. Current status > A. Andres ALCOLEA 133 Boom Clay secondary deformation behaviour and microstructure changes > M. May AWARKEH 14 Fragments of a Monument > C. Cécile MASSART 147 A developed chemical model incorporating nucleation of secondary minerals in the compacted bentonite applying for prediction of long-term transition of the engineered barrier system in geological disposal > H. Hayashi DAISUKE 150 Titration experiments and geochemical modeling of solid and dissolved organic matter extracted from Boom Clay supporting phenomenological studies of the Belgian RD&D programme > S. Sonia SALAH 151 Tomographic monitoring of bentonite in full-scale emplacement experiment > E. Edgar MANUKYAN 152 Coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical processes, considering liquid and gas flow: Verification of the new implementation in the FEM code OpenGeoSys 6 > M. Michael PITZ 153 In-situ Bentonite Erosion Test within a water-conducting fault zone in crystalline rock > R. Raphael SCHNEEBERGER 154 Chemical weathering processes in the 0-10 m of the critical zone developed on the Tégulines clay formation (Aube, France) > C. Catherine LEROUGE 155 Detection of Septaria in the Boom Clay during ON-MOL2 drilling campaign by borehole seismic > G. Giorgia PINNA 158 Long-term performance of vertical sealing systems - impact of gas migration > M. Mohamed Haythem BAHLOULI 16 Geotechnical barriers made of bentonite for a repository in clay rock formations – Investigations for the verification and validation of a multi-physical constitutive model (Barcelona-Basic-Model) for bentonite as backfill and sealing material with special regard to quality assurance > J. Juan ZHAO 162 Effect of bacteria, heterogeneity and temperature on the anoxic corrosion of carbon steel in cementitious environment > C. Charles WITTEBROODT 167 Multicomponent reactive transport modelling of in situ experiments: glass-clay and cement-clay interactions. > M. Mathieu DEBURE 170 Petrological and mineralogical influences on the hydraulic properties of the Callovo-Oxfordian mudrocks from Bure, France > A. Andrew WISEALL 171 EFFECTS OF IONIZING RADIATION IN SEDIMENTARY ROCKS: Gas production and the fate of organic acids > C. Christian OSTERTAG-HENNING 177 NEA Clay Club project CLAYWAT: Interaction of pore water and mineral surfaces in clays and shales > T. Thomas GIMMI 178 Modelling gas flow along localized dilatant pathways: challenges and perspectives > A-C. Anne-Catherine DIEUDONNÉ 181 Hydrogen production by carbon steel anoxic corrosion under gamma irradiation > C. Charles WITTEBROODT 186 Palladium sorption on clays: effect of temperature > E. Elisenda COLAS 19 Toward a full HMC modelling of a repository seal > J. Jacques WENDLING 192 Modelling water retention and diffusion in unsaturated clays: Connecting atomistic and pore scale simulations > T. Thomas GIMMI 193 Optimization of iridium oxyhydroxide films for pH monitoring of underground components of nuclear repositories > S. Stéphanie BETELU 196 Deformation and damage induced at the mesoscale of the Callovo-Oxfordian clayrock: in situ nano-CT and full field measurement > P. Pierre BÉSUELLE 197 Anisotropy assessment on the mechanical behaviour and failure mode of the Callovo-Oxfordian clayrock > P. Pierre BÉSUELLE 201 Concrete perturbation in a 13 year in-situ concrete/bentonite interaction experiment (Febex). New insight of a 2:1 Mg phyllosilicate precipitation at the interface. > J. Jaime CUEVAS 202 Long-term performance of fiber optical sensors subjected to HLW repository conditions > D. David JAEGGI 208 Countermeasures for piping and erosion of bentonite buffer:Pre-hydration > M. Mitsuyasu SHIRASE 21 Effect of exchangeable cations on geotechnical properties of Czech BCV bentonite > J. Jiri SVOBODA 211 Numercial modelling of crack propagation in partially saturated clayey rock with HHM-XFEM method > R. Richard GIOT 212 Considering the microstructural characteristics of heterogeneous argillaceous rock in a double-scale numerical modelling > B. Benoît PARDOEN 224 Hydrogeological Characterization of the Clay Site at Tamusu for Deep Geological Disposal > Q. Qunli ZHANG 225 Homogenisation of bentonite in long steel tubes - laboratory tests and modelling > A. Ann DUECK 226 10 years of nuclear waste disposal modelling with Code_Aster: overview of studies and path forward > S. Sylvie GRANET 230 Multiscale modelling of gas transport in clays, at the limits of very low saturation. > N. Nikolaos PRASIANAKIS 231 Multi-phase flow and heat transport modelling of a repository drift for high-level waste during operationalng and post-closure phases using PFLOTRAN > M. Mareike HENNEBERG 237 Development of sorption data bases for long-term safety assessments based on mechanistic adsorption models > M. Maria MARQUES FERNANDES 238 Evaluating Uranium mobility in situ in the Callovian-Oxfordian argillaceous rock > A. Agnès VINSOT 24 Hydro-mechanical behaviour of a two-component bentonite barrier upon hydration > M. María Victoria VILLAR 243 The EURAD EU project FUTURE: Fundamental understanding of radionuclide retention > S. Sergey CHURAKOV 246 A monolithic thermo-hydro-mechanical two-phase flow formulation for modelling gas migration in geotechnical barriers > N. Norbert GRUNWALD 25 Model-based analysis of concrete degradation effects in the nearfield of a L/ILW emplacement cavern > A. Alexandros PAPAFOTIOU 250 Comparison of homogenisation and sealing behaviour of calcium bentonite and sodium bentonite > A. Ann DUECK 252 Evaluation of Potential Reference Shaft Backfill Formulations for Use in NWMO’s Repository. > C. Chang Seok KIM 259 THM modeling of the bentonite buffer in the Canadian concept for isolation of used fuel > D. Daniel MALMBERG 260 Non-isothermal multicomponent reactive transport model of the long-term geochemical interactions of a HLW disposal cell in a crystalline host rock > J. Javier SAMPER 267 Hydrogeological investigations in deep exploratory boreholes for site selection of a deep geological repository for radioactive waste in Switzerland > T. Tobias VOGT 27 Diffusion Measurements on Rock Samples from New Deep Boreholes in Switzerland > L. Luc VAN LOON 270 Development of a database for radionuclide sorption on clay and cement systems in support to radioactive waste management > D. David GARCÍA 271 Determination of cation exchange capacity and exchangeable cations on deep drilling core samples by the caesium displacement method > M. Maria MARQUES FERNANDES 280 Cigéo Galleries Support Design Adapted to Clayey Rock Mechanical Behaviour > O. Odile OZANAM 283 Compaction-induced heterogeneity in the 80/20 sand bentonite mixture > T. Toshihiro SAKAKI 284 Evaluation of through-diffusion experiments in compacted bentonite with a new Dual Transport Model > L. Lucie BABOROVÁ 286 Effect of selected factors on survivability and proliferation of microorganisms in dispersed and compacted bentonite > K. Katerina CERNA 288 Long-term evolution of mineralogy and porosity at cement-clay interfaces > T. Thomas GIMMI 29 Clay Research in the International DECOVALEX Model Comparison Project: An Overview of Past, Current and Future Modeling Tasks > L. Liange ZHENG 299 Thermal conductivity of buffer bentonite pellets > V. Ville RINTA-HIIRO 3 Hydro-mechanical characteristics of sand/bentonite buffer by controlled-suction tests > S. Shuichi YAMAMOTO 30 3D Predictive HM-modeling in the heterogeneous Opalinus Clay of the Mont Terri rock laboratory and validation with monitoring data from a mine-by test > C. Chao LI 300 Cation exchange processes observed in the third excavated parcel of the Alternative Buffer Material test (ABM-5) in Äspö, Sweden, after heating to 250 °C > R. Reiner DOHRMANN 303 Diffusion of α-isosaccharinic acid in a clay-rich rock: an in situ experiment > M. Mélanie LUNDY 305 Predicting the long-term evolution of bentonite buffer based on THMC models calibrated against the FEBEX in situ heater test > L. Liange ZHENG 307 Determination of mineralogy and porosity from clay-rich rocks using petrophysical logs > J. Jens BECKER 309 Water retention curves: effect of smectite content > V. Vlastislav KAŠPAR 313 Modeling cation transport in clays: Combining diffuse layer and Stern layer diffusion > T. Thomas GIMMI 314 Injection measures to stabilize the excavation damaged zone in claystone > N. Nina MÜLLER-HOEPPE 321 Reactive transport model of the geochemical interactions at the iron/bentonite interface in lab corrosion tests > J. Javier SAMPER 324 Coupled THCM model of tracer migration in the FEBEX in situ test > J. Javier SAMPER 328 Impact of temperature on mechanical and geochemical behavior of swelling clay minerals > R. Roy CHAAYA 335 An anisotropic thermo-elasto-(visco)plastic constitutive model for geomaterials > S. Simon RAUDE 337 Use of artificial tracers as tool to quantify contamination of deep ground water samples by drilling fluid in the frame of the Nagra deep drilling project > J. Josef PICHLMAIER 341 Partitioning and diffusion of gaseous molecules in partially saturated clay rocks from molecular dynamics simulations > J. Jerry Peprah OWUSU 342 Diffusive transport of uranium(VI) and americium(III) through Opalinus Clay studied down to ultra-trace levels > D. Daniel GLÜCKMAN 345 Drilling and coring induced artefacts in poorly indurated clays > R. Rieko ADRIAENS 348 Microscopic scale modelling of fluids and solutes in saturated and unsaturated clays > C. Christophe TOURNASSAT 351 Fourteen Years of the Enhanced Sealing Project (ESP) Operation at Canada’s Underground Research Laboratory (URL) (2008-2021) > D. Deni PRIYANTO 355 Wet spots in clay-rich rocks > J. Jens BECKER 357 Identifying gas circulation pathways around micro-tunnels in the Callovian-Oxfordian argillaceous rock > A. Agnès VINSOT 358 Robust all solid silver-based sensors for monitoring nuclear waste repositories > S. Stéphanie BETELU 360 O2 consumption rate at Callovian-Oxfordian argillaceous rock surfaces > A. Agnès VINSOT 365 Grain size analysis of fine-grained deposits by laser diffraction > R. Rieko ADRIAENS 366 Naturally dissolved gases in the Callovian-Oxfordian argillaceous rock pore-water > A. Agnès VINSOT 367 Studying in situ the interactions between grouting materials and the Callovian-Oxfordian argillaceous rock > A. Agnès VINSOT 371 Mechanisms of anion sorption by hydrated calcium aluminates (AFm) > S. Sylvain GRANGEON 372 A synthesis of large-scale THM non-linear modeling for a high-level waste repository in the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone > M-N. Minh-Ngoc VU 38 The study of bentonite-concrete interactions under elevated temperatures in the Bukov URF > L. Lucie HAUSMANNOVÁ 385 Experimental study of sulphate in the Opalinus Clay: Results from extraction experiments > L. Lukas ASCHWANDEN 387 Redox potential measurements in Callovian Oxfordian claystone: insights into the nature of the mineral(s) responsible for the redox reactivity > S. Stéphanie BETELU 389 Performance Assessment of Various Drilling Fluids for Opalinus Clay: Wellbore Quality, Core Quality and Impact on Hydraulic Characterisation > A. Andreas REINICKE 390 A trapping approach as a tool for detection of viable bacterial community in clay > V. Veronika HLAVÁČKOVÁ 392 Anion-accessible porosity in clay-rich rocks derived from advective displacement experiments > C. Carmen ZWAHLEN 394 The Andra’s scientific database management system > A. Aliouka CHABIRON 395 Hydration and gas tests at mock-up scale to understand the hydro-mechanical behaviour of a bentonite pellet/powder mixture > E. Enrique ROMERO 397 IBL (International Bentonite Longevity) project: preliminary results > R. Russell ALEXANDER 400 Pellet/powder mixture swelling induced by hydration. A model based on pellet representation > M. Mesa Alcantara ARISLEIDY 401 International Bentonite Longevity (IBL) project: overview > S. Simon NORRIS 402 Feasibility of electrical resistivity methods to characterize the evolution of the damaged zone around the HLW disposal cells > B. Béatrice Yven 405 Gas transport in compacted MX-80 bentonite > E. Enrique ROMERO 408 Influence of the pore water chemistry in the cation content at interlayers after heating and hydration processes in a real scale test > A. Ana Maria FERNANDEZ 409 Solute transfer and geochemical interactions at the bentonite/granite shotcrete interfaces after 18 years in the FEBEX gallery of the Grimsel URL > J. Javier SAMPER 412 Atomistic simulations of interlayer entry of uranyl-complexes and common anions > M. Michael HOLMBOE 414 The mineralogical control on the thermal properties of clays as evidenced by natural and artificially prepared Ypresian clay samples > N. Nuria SAU VALENZUELA 427 Modelling Water Transport in Bentonite Pellets > J. Jiejie WU 43 Investigation of properties for couple model using Ca-type bentonite > T. Takayuki MOTOSHIMA 431 EURAD: the European joint collaboration towards safe radioactive management > L. Louise THÉODON 435 Investigation of crushed claystone, bentonite and mixture as backfill/seal material > C-L. Chun-Liang ZHANG 436 From model validation to design support of an in situ gas diffusion experiment in Boom Clay > E. Elke JACOPS 437 Numerical Modelling Study for the Design of the HotBENT Experiment at the Grimsel Test Site > F. Florian KOBER 438 Laboratory experiments of thermo-hydro-geochemical evolution of compacted bentonite: thermo-hydraulic results up to 2.5 years > M. María Victoria VILLAR 441 Characterisation of the mineralogical reactions of the high-T ABM-5 heater experiment > S. Stephan KAUFHOLD 443 Using Reduced Basis Surrogates for Inverse Identification of Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Parameters of Boom Clay in An In-situ Heater Test > G. Guangjing CHEN 445 An experimental assessment of the impact of desaturation on the diffusion of gases in clayey materials > A. Aadithya GOWRISHANKAR 446 Self-sealing capacity of Boom Clay after gas transfer > L. Laura GONZALEZ-BLANCO 447 Comparison of different methods to obtain accessible porosity and hydraulic conductivity in Boom Clay > M. Marc AERTSENS 448 Investigation of sealing performances of compacted bentonites GMZ and MX80 > C-L. Chun-Liang ZHANG 449 Analysis of sorption ir/reversibility of Ba and Ra in different clays: a kinetic study. > U. Ursula ALONSO 45 Hy-O-T Project (Hydrogen Sensor) > T. Thomas GUERMONT 451 Measured Swelling, Hydraulic and Thermal Properties of MX-80 Bentonite: Examination of Intrinsic Material Variability, Measurement Uncertainties and Developing Statistical Bounds to Describe Behaviour, > C. Chang Seok KIM 452 Swelling and homogenization of unsaturated bentonite specimen with an initial axial gap – Numerical investigation > S. Shinya TACHIBANA 454 Usage of Westerwald bentonites in a large-scale experiment for high swelling pressure shaft sealings in underground mining and nuclear waste deposits > M. Matthias SCHELLHORN 458 Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Experiment of NWMO Reference Placement Concept > C. Chang Seok KIM 459 Hydro-mechanical behaviour of bentonite pellet/powder mixture > J. Jinwen YANG 46 Oxidants and reductans in a disposal facility: reactivity of a pyrite powder – nitrate/nitrite – hydrogen atmosphere system in sodium bicarbonate solution > N. Nele BLEYEN 460 Permeability along the shear band of Na-bentonite/sand mixture in ring shear test > E. Ema YOSHIKAWA 462 Experimental and numerical study of cracks’ kinematics in clayey rocks submitted to thermal loading > S. Stephen HEDAN 463 Bentonite-Rock Interaction Project in Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Waste Management (KYT2022) > O-P. Olli-Pekka RAUHALA 464 Experimental and modelling study of the hydro-chemo-mechanical interaction of compacted bentonite with alkaline water > A. Andrés IDIART 466 Design and chemo-mechanical characterization of M-S-H hardened pastes > C. Charlotte DEWITTE 467 At last: a regular pattern in the carbonate content of the Boom Clay. > L. Laurent WOUTERS 470 Experiences from Nagra´s deep exploratory drilling campaign with potassium silicate mud for wireline coring shales and claystones > P. Patricia HINTERHOLZER-REISEGGER 471 Thermal conductivity relationship to dry density and degree of saturation for MX-80 bentonite > X. Xavier PINTADO 473 Comparison of homogenisation and sealing behaviour after rapid and slow water uptake > A. Ann DUECK 475 A sample preparation procedure for cyclic isotropic compression and isochoric shearing tests > O-P. Olli-Pekka RAUHALA 476 PhreePlot for geochemical visualization > R. Rasmus JAKOBSEN 477 A benchmark exercise to investigate the thermal effects on the Excavated Damage Zone > H. Hangbiao SONG 480 Phenomenological analyses of repository induced effects in a deep repository for combined disposal > D. Dominik ZBINDEN 482 A Multi-Scale Model to Investigate Gas Migrations in Clay Materials > G. Gilles CORMAN 483 Hydraulic performance of compacted bentonite and bentonite-sand mixtures with a hypersaline multicomponent pore fluid > A. Anil BARAL 485 Factors affecting homogenization of density differences in a block-pellet bentonite system > S. Susanna MAANOJA 486 Numerical analyses of THM processes in clay host rock: OpenGeoSys vs FLAC3D – Poster Presentation > R. Rocio Paola LEÓN VARGAS 488 Spectral Induced polarization response modelling of swelling clays for long term monitoring of bentonite seals > J. Jad EL ALAM 489 Swelling and homogenization of unsaturated bentonite specimen with an initial axial gap - Experimental study > K. Kenji ISHII 490 Kiruna Natural Analogue (KiNa): introduction and overview > R. Raphael SCHNEEBERGER 491 HotBENT Experiment – Bentonite preparation and emplacement > R. Raphael SCHNEEBERGER 492 On the use of DLVO theory in aqueous clay systems > C. Christian WEBER 493 HotBENT Experiment – Geosphere characterisation and long-term monitoring > R. Raphael SCHNEEBERGER 494 Zn uptake by illite and argillaceous rocks > R. Rainer DAEHN 495 Hydro-mechanical behaviour of fractured Callovo-Oxfordian claystone > H. Hao WANG 498 Interpretative HM simulation of a MiniSandwich experiment using different numerical codes > K. Klaus WIECZOREK 499 Experimental study of chemical evolution and isotope fractionation of Cl and Br in pore water expelled during strong clay compaction > E. Eric GAUCHER 5 Diffusive transport of helium and neon in potential concretes for nuclear waste disposal > E. Elke JACOPS 500 A heterogeneous material model for dilatancy-controlled gas flow in saturated bentonite > J. Jürgen HESSER 501 Effect of the hydrous and mechanical stresses coupling on the intrinsic structural response of a dioctahedral smectite. > W. Walid OUESLATI 503 Reduction of swelling pressure due to salt water for crushed bentonite > T. Tomoyoshi NISHIMURA 504 Progressive evolution of structurally-controlled failure in an Opalinus Clay repository drift (PF experiment, Mont Terri Project) > M. Martin ZIEGLER 505 Hydro-mechanical-chemical analysis of engineered barrier considering the correlation of porosity and swelling index > K. Kenji ISHII 506 Interactions between corrosive gas species and clays in the context of a Swiss deep geological repository for radioactive waste > T. Typhaine GUILLEMOT 508 Evolution of carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide contents in ventilated underground galleries > S. Seny KEITA 509 The Sandwich sealing system: Scale transition from laboratory to a large-scale in-situ experiment at the Mont Terri rock laboratory > K. Katja EMMERICH 51 HLW Cell convergence measurement with SAM robot and displacement sensors > G. Guillaume HERMAND 510 Nagra‘s permanent GNSS network (NaGNet) recording geodynamic movements in the sub-millimetre range in Northern Switzerland since the year 2010 > R. Rodney GARRARD 511 Influence of regional flow on fluid flow in bentonite based drift sealing system > V. Victoria BURLAKA 512 Impact of alkaline solutions on the mineralogy and the hydro-mechanical behavior of the Opalinus Clay > Y. Yara BARAKAT 513 What we know about diffusion and retention in unsaturated clay-rich and cement-based materials > S. Sebastien SAVOYE 514 EURAD-GAS – Mechanistic understanding of gas transport in clay materials > S. Séverine LEVASSEUR 518 Viscoelastic modelling of triaxial and thermal extension tests on the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone > J. Jürgen HESSER 519 Migration of redox sensitive radionuclides in clay rocks > R. Romain V.H. DAGNELIE 520 Coupled hydromechanical modelling of a vertical hydraulic sealing system based on the Sandwich principle > J. Jürgen HESSER 521 Numerical analyses of lining systems for a future German repository in claystone based on a time-dependent non-local constitutive model > P. Philipp HEROLD 523 Permeability distribution into the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone > R. Rémi DE LA VAISSIERE 525 Diffusion and retention of surface complexing radionuclides in different ionic forms of compacted illite > D. Dimitra ZERVA 528 THM analysis of large diameter storage structures in deep nuclear waste repository > M. Matias ALONSO 530 A unique device for testing the long-term behaviour of a whole segments ring of a deep tunnel > J. Jad ZGHONDI 531 Determination of hydraulic parameters of clay rocks using hydraulic packer tests in deep boreholes during the drilling phase: Thermal impact of circulating drilling mud and testing fluid on test planning and analysis > J. Jean CROISÉ 533 Elevated temperature studies for Wyoming type bentonite HM properties > M. Markus OLIN 534 Modelling of sulfide fluxes and copper canister corrosion in the spent fuel repository at Olkiluoto, Finland > J. Jin MA 535 Applicability of different bentonites as buffer material for geological disposal in Japan > Y. Yoichi YAMAMOTO 536 Interpretative modelling of selected in-situ measurements obtained at the mine-by experiment in the new Gallery 18 at Mont Terri RL > L. Larissa FRIEDENBERG 537 Interpretative modelling of selected in-situ measurements obtained at the CD-A (cyclic deformation) experiment at Mont Terri RL > L. Larissa FRIEDENBERG 540 The HotBENT Experiment – Instrumentation and monitoring > E. Edgar MANUKYAN 541 Numerical modeling of the coupled hydro-mechanical and cracking responses of the Opalinus Clay within the CD-A experiment > T. Tuanny CAJUHI 542 Selection of thermodynamic properties for zeolite minerals > A. Arnault LASSIN 543 Numerical analysis of a generic repository site in claystone in Germany: impact of uncertain model parameters on the integrity of the geological barrier > M. Maximilian BITTENS 545 Iron-bentonite interaction under simulated engineered barrier conditions: the sequentially dismantled FB experiments > E. Elena TORRES 547 A sensitivity analysis of KBS-3 block-pellet tunnel backfill mechanical evolution > V-M. Veli-Matti PULKKANEN 549 An adjoint differential sensitivity analysis model for radionuclide release from geological layered media including fracture – Application to the underground nuclear storage site in Switzerland, Zürich Nordost > M. Mohamed HAYEK 55 Non-destructive identification of silt-clay layers on borehole core logs in PVC liners > J-M. Jean-Marc CHAUTRU 550 How strong is the anion exclusion effect on the mobility of oxyanions like SeO4(2-) in clays? > L. Liesbeth VAN LAER 552 A synthesis of large-scale modeling for an intermediate-level-long-lived waste repository in the Callovo-Oxfodian claystone > M-N. Minh-Ngoc VU 554 Modeling of the long-term durability of surface-bottom connections seals within a clayey formation > E. Edouard VEILLY 556 Improved Characterization of Radioactive Waste Repositories Using Next-Generation Low-Permeability Core Analyses > M. Michael HANNON 557 X-ray radiography method for determining simultaneous deformation and water transport in swelling clay materials > J. Joni TANTTU 559 Thermo-hydro-mechanical simulation of the FEBEX experiment with a double porosity model > S. Steffen BEESE 56 Simulation of fault rupture and fluid leakage during a fault activation experiment at Mont Terri Laboratory - Results from an international simulation study > B. Bastian GRAUPNER 561 Looking for the microbial processes related to the compacted bentonite and copper canisters to gain insights into a safe Deep Geological Repository of radioactive waste > M. Marcos F. MARTINEZ-MORENO 562 Interaction of CsCl and CsI aqueous solutions with ettringite probed by atomistic computer simulations > E. Evgeny TARARUSHKIN 563 Hydromechanical modelling of the gas transport in clay samples > A. Alireza HASSANZADEGAN 564 Hydrothermal alteration of MX-80 bentonite in contact with Carbon Steel. > C. Carlos MOTA HEREDIA 565 Tracking the biogeochemistry and microbiology of uranium-treated water-saturated bentonite microcosms: Insights into the safety of Deep Geological Repository > M. Mar MORALES-HIDALGO 568 Approach for a feasibility assessment of the Danish claystone as a host rock for the low-level nuclear waste > J. Jolanta KAZMIERCZAK 57 Determination of the anisotropic thermal conductivity of the Boom Clay at large scale based on a combined interpretation of the ATLAS and PRACLAY in-situ heater tests > G. Guangjing CHEN 570 Pore solution composition of compacted bentonite: is squeezing a suitable technique? > V. Vlastislav KAŠPAR 572 Hydromechanical data obtained during the excavation of an X shaped underground intersection in the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone > J. Jan CORNET 574 Analysis of re-saturation process of PEM for high level radioactive waste disposal > S. Satoru SUZUKI 575 Thermo-hydraulic (TH) evolution in a generic deposition tunnel of spent nuclear fuel repository > X. Xavier PINTADO 578 A hydro-mechanical material model for compacted bentonite > M. Mattias ÅKESSON 579 A constitutive model for thermal compaction of clay geomaterials: application to COx claystone > M. Mountaka SOULEY 580 EURAD-ACED: Modeling of the thermal transient stage and the long-term evolution of the glass / steel / cement / claystone interactive system in a HLW disposal cell > L. Laurent DE WINDT 581 An anisotropic elastoplastic, damage and viscoplastic model and its application to hydromechanical modelling of a drift at the MHM-URL > M. Mountaka SOULEY 582 Impact of controlled accessory mineral addition in laboratory erosion experiments on compacted MX ¬80 and GMZ bentonite and separated montmorillonite thereof in an artificial fracture, in comparison to the iBET experiment > J. Janis Leon PINGEL 584 Viscous and colloidal behaviour of smectites in relation to sedimentation and erosion processes > U. Ursula ALONSO 585 Fracture self-sealing experiments on Callovo-Oxfordian claystone under X-ray tomography > M. Mensan AGBOLI 586 Combined impact of variations in the initial dry density and degree of saturation on the one-dimensional compression behavior of claystone-based backfill materials > M. Marvin MIDDELHOFF 587 Investigation of hydromechanical couplings during gas migration in saturated clayey rock at mesoscopic scales > L. Luyu WANG 588 Full-Scale Emplacement (FE) experiment: Comparison of temperature development and measurement accuracy derived from real-time calibrated DTS systems and conventional electronic point sensors > B. Berrak FIRAT LÜTHI 59 How Network Theory May Assist in Understanding and Organising Radioactive Waste Disposal Programmes > A. Andreas POLLER 590 Hydro-mechanical behaviour and gas transfer process in MX-80 type granular bentonite > H. Hao ZENG 592 Investigation of the properties of a sealing barrier (bentonite) affected by a gas breakthrough event > M. Markéta KUČEROVÁ 593 Fe(II)-clay interactions: Anaerobic batch and diffusion experiments employing montmorillonite and ⁵⁶Fe > J. Jebril HADI 597 An experimental device for studying the thermally induced hydraulic fracturing and extension of COx claystone > P. Philipp BRAUN 598 Atomistic computer simulation of hydrogen gas adsorption and transport in clay environments in the context of geological disposal of radioactive waste > P. Pinar CITLI 600 Experimental Study of the Effect of Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of the Callovo-Oxfordian Claystone > C. Coffi GBEWADE 601 Observation of water transport in a temperature controlled small-scale compacted bentonite sample using X-ray tomography and 4D image analysis > J. Janne YLIHARJU 602 Experimental characterisation of self-healing in reconstituted Boom Clay > B. Bhini CHANDAN MALAGAR 605 Study of combined drainage-drying 2-phase flow in a deformable nanoporous medium > N. Nathan AMROFEL 606 The fate of radionuclides during bentonite erosion: insights from the LIT experiment at Grimsel Test Site and comparison to a laboratory mock-up test > Y. Yasmine KOUHAIL 607 Provenance and palaeo-hydrogeological evolution of Opalinus Clay porewater at Mont Terri and in Northern Switzerland > N. Niklaus WABER 609 Corrosion density of the carbon steel API 5L X65 in contact with Callovo-Oxfordian clay pore water assessed by using various electrochemical methods > Y. Yendoube Charles SANO MOYEME 61 An in situ experiment to investigate fracturing under thermal loading of CallovoCallovo-Oxfordian claystone > C. Carlos PLUA 610 Numerical analyses of THM processes in clay host rock using two numerical codes > R. Rocio Paola LEÓN VARGAS 611 A sensitivity study on the long-term behaviour of an excavation in claystone with a yieldable support system > M. Miguel Angel MÁNICA MALCOM 612 Numerical analyses of the THM-evolution of the excavation-damaged zone in the near field of disposal galleries in HLW-repository using three advanced constitutive models > M. Miguel Angel MÁNICA MALCOM 614 Effect of temperature and pressure on survivability and proliferation of microorganisms in dispersed bentonite > D. Deepa Shree BARTAK 615 Comparison of theoretical physico-chemical approaches for calculation of swelling pressure-void ratio relationships of bentonites > A. Antonia NITSCH 616 Characterization of Bentonites from the in situ ABM5 Heater Experiment at Äspö URL, Sweden > A. Ana Maria FERNANDEZ 619 Characterization of synthetic and natural notronites for analysing redox processes and radionuclides sorption an > A. Ana Maria FERNANDEZ 62 The evolution of transport and strength properties of selected interfaces in a Geological Disposal Facility in Callovo-Oxfordian Claystone > R. Robert CUSS 625 Forecasting and interpreting field measurements of fluid injections into clay rock: a workflow based on coupled THM modelling > L. Luca URPI 627 Adjoint state methods for conservative and reactive solute transport: application to the long-term geochemical evolution of a HLW repository in granite > J. Javier SAMPER 629 Modeling two-phase flow with entry pressure and hysteresis: application to gas transport in deep geological structures > Z. Zakaria SAADI 630 Osmotic interpretation of excess-head in the Opalinus clay through Transient and Pseudo Steady State estimate of fluid flow > J-M. Jean-Michel MATRAY 632 Synthetizing Geopolymeric Materials Based on Some Egyptian Kaolin Deposits > H. Hossam SHARAKA 633 Threshold irradiation energy for damage production in Na-montmorillonite from molecular dynamics simulations > A. Anniina SEPPÄLÄ 634 Geochemistry and Machine Learning benchmark within EURAD > N. Nikolaos PRASIANAKIS 635 Assessment methods to compare the expected long-term performance of sealing elements > P. Philipp HEROLD 637 Predicting the long-term chemical evolution of HLW and ILW disposal cells in clay and crystalline rocks > V. Vanessa MONTOYA 64 Composition and properties of samples taken from alternative buffer material (ABM) in-situ heating test (package 45.5) and comparison of results from earlier packages (1 and 2) > S. Sirpa KUMPULAINEN 640 Developing and improving numerical methods and tools for modelling coupled processes > F. Francis CLARET 641 Sealing deep site investigation boreholes – laboratory experiments > N. Nicholas JEFFERIES 644 Numerical simulation of 1D gas injection experiment utilizing coupled hydro-mechanical model > S. Sinhang KANG 648 Insight on the cement grout material design for high-level waste cells > M. Mathieu DEBURE 65 ThermoChimie – A Thermodynamic Database > B. Benoît MADE 651 Propagation of fractures around a gallery under fluid pressurization > M. Mohammad Youssef FALLAH SOLTANABAD 652 Benchmark of geophysical sensors and measurement configurations for monitoring the damaged area around a 10 m diameter gallery > B. Béatrice Yven 654 Dissolved hydrocarbon gases as tracers of solute transfer between geological resevoirs > R. Raymond MICHELS 655 Sulfide-bentonite interactions: linking sulfide oxidation and iron reduction > J. Jebril HADI 68 An upscalable HM model for representing advective gas migration through saturated bentonite > N. Neil CHITTENDEN 73 Vertical hydraulic Sandwich sealing system: A large-scale in-situ experiment performed at the Mont Terri rock laboratory > K. Klaus WIECZOREK 74 Mine-By Experiment in the Sandy Facies of the Opalinus Clay in the Mont Terri rock laboratory > J. Jürgen HESSER 76 Investigation of Mechanical Properties for the Korean Compacted Bentonites > S. Seok YOON 77 Simulation of swelling after dismantling in FORGE mock-up experiment > S. Shin SATO 78 Numerical modeling of reactive gas transport in the framework of the Mont Terri HT experiment > G. Georg KOSAKOWSKI 79 Direct shear strength of unsaturated compacted bentonite subjected to thermal heating > T. Tomoyoshi NISHIMURA 84 PLM and BIM : the winning digital partnership > G. Gerard BOURRIAUX 89 Retention of 226Ra by clay minerals: an adsorption study > M. Martina KLINKENBERG 91 Process based modelling of Cs and Sr transport in Boom Clay - Necessity to account for double layer enhanced transport > N. Norbert MAES 96 Correlating microstructural features with mineralogical-geochemical data on selected core samples from Opalinus Clay and Passwang Formation (Mont Terri, Switzerland) > R. Reiner DOHRMANN 97 Visualisation of the coupling between gas flow and re-saturation of clay-rich host rocks > A. Andrew WISEALL 99 Parametric sensitivity to gas-entry pressure in 2-phase flow models in a deep geologic disposal of radioactive waste > Z. Zakaria SAADI

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